A thematic tour that will be remembered.

Thematic Tours

If you are a smaller or larger group that is looking for some thematic fun, start here!

A thematic tour on the water in the Copenhagen Harbour and on the Oeresund with RibAlex.dk is always a memorable experience that brings wind in the hair and a smile on the face. At RibAlex.dk we have extensive experience in organising trips for both small and very large groups, where hundreds of people are transported while enjoying what the Sound has to offer.

Our RIB boats can pick you up wherever you want, thus kick-starting your event with saltwater, wind in your hair and your fellow friends, guests, customers, business partners or colleagues. Enjoy the fresh air on the sea for your next corporate event. Sail out with us and experience the wide possibilities for your next party, event or company outing.

We also have the opportunity to combine the trips with one or more of our quieter vessels from our classic department and sister company WaterTours.dk. Here you can comfortably and quietly sail out and enjoy a drink aboard, after which our RIB boats will meet you on the high seas and give those who want a fresh, entertaining ride on the water.


In this 120-minute tour, we combine sailing in the harbour as well as Oeresund.

This tour is the best combination of speed and excitement as well as the calmness and beauty of Copenhagen and its waterfront. Approximately 60 minutes of high-speed sailing on the Sound followed by approximately 60 minutes in the harbour and canals. A perfect choice for a company outing, tourists or for those who want just a bit of everything.

You decide where we pick or drop you off. You can select various locations all over Copenhagen and Oeresund.

Roundtrip in Oeresund

This 150-minute tour is an exciting expedition to the northern or southern part of Oeresund. It is ideal for companies which want to present their guests, customers or business partners with an exclusive look at the gems of Oeresund.

We offer two options for this tour —  the north or south tour. At the end of both of these trips, we finally reach the Trekroner Sea Fortress, where we serve our guests with refreshments. Everybody is able to stretch their legs and walk around the historical sea fortress where they can witness Copenhagen and Oeresund from a unique perspective. Lunch is an option and can be arranged upon request.

You decide where we pick you up or drop you off. You can select various locations all over Copenhagen and Oeresund.

Windmills in Oeresund

This 150-minute tour starts with a visit to the 48 giant wind turbines set up on Lillegrund, south of the Oeresund Bridge. It is an incredible experience to sail closely to the windmill farm and be surrounded by 10 tons of rotating metal wings. Occasionally, we get to witness the daily service of the farm with service vessels and personnel climbing up.

Afterwards, we sail to Middelgrunden Offshore Windmill Farm which accommodates 20 turbines. They were the very first windmills built in the Sound and the largest in the world at the time of construction.

Finally, we make a stop at the Trekroner Sea Fortress, where we stretch our legs and enjoy a refreshment at this historical Place. Afterwards we return to Copenhagen at your desired destination.

Offshore Windmill Climbing

This 90-minute tour is your unique opportunity to visit and climb to the top of one of the world’s largest wind farms, at the time of its construction in 2001 — Middelgrunden Offshore Windmill Farm!

The tour starts in Copenhagen where we pick you up and provide you with the necessary safety instructions and safety equipment for the voyage. We then sail directly to the Middelgrunden Offshore Windmill Farm to take a closer look at the 20 astonishing wind turbines before mooring the boat at the wind turbine 20.

If you are looking for more sightseeing in Copenhagen, you can choose to add a 30-minute harbour sailing on top of this tour and experience our capital’s beloved gems from the comfort of one of our open RIB boats.


Strengthen the participants' networks

Improve collaboration skills

Remember the message of the day

Conference Breaks

We partnered up with Admiral Hotel to offer you various conference and meeting packages. Combine your meeting or conference with a wind-blowing trip in our RIB boats on Oeresund, and get a real adrenaline rush on the high seas. An exciting tour that takes you out on a true adventure, where you get to experience the RIB boat’s performance and maneuverability alongside the power of the sea.

Get some wind in your hair along with your colleagues and business partners at speeds of up to 110 km/h. Our RIB boats can accommodate up to 12 people at a time. Get in touch with us and we will tailor make an offer for you based on your specific wishes and needs.

Boat Charter

Our standard offering for individuals and businesses includes anything from wild RIB boat racing to quiet cruising. Though, if you have any special requests, feel free to contact us — we will always find the right solution for you.

On top of our regular tours, we can be chartered to attend special events such as company outings, team building or marketing events. We are able to transport the boats throughout the entire country. Moreover, we can provide planning services and ideas to make your event truly a memorable experience.

Contact us today and find out all the things we can do for you.

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