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This is your unique opportunity to have a different experience for your stag or hen party. An experience with action, speed and excitement! For us, every Saturday is a party day, that is why we adjusted our prices on RIB tours to be more convenient.

We speed off with our 600 HP RIB boats, on both short and long tours, designed to race through your very own party at sea. Try a RIB sailing, we guarantee both — fun and adrenaline-packed trip that will get some wind in your hair and on top of that you will experience Øresund like never before. Or perhaps you fancy a NAVY Seal–like insertion into sea in form of WaterCast? The choice is yours!

We have all kinds of tours of various durations that will perfectly fit your party. Take a look below!

Water Sports

Since 2004 we have been providing water sports for stag parties, parties, hen parties, birthdays, anniversaries and even corporate events. Bathing and kneeboarding are our specialities. Our water sport RIB boat with 600 HP is equipped with the latest gear that gives you a really fun experience and makes a sunny summer afternoon even better!

It is also possible to add a Blow + Dry, which is an extra 15 minutes with high speed sailing, so you really get blown dry before we set off again.

We provide you with all the required safety equipment such as wetsuits and life jackets. All you need to bring are swimwear, towels and good mood!

RIB Tour with WaterCast

We start off by sailing and presenting you the performance and maneuverability of our RIB boats at open seas. After that we sail towards the WaterCast course. There, either one of the passengers or all the passengers (depending on the type of product chosen) change into wetsuits that we provide. After a brief safety introduction to WaterCast, we carry out a series of WaterCasts, with ever increasing speed.

We offer two versions of this tour:

Offshore Windmill Climbing

This 150-minute tour starts with a visit to the 48 giant wind turbines set up on Lillegrund, south of the Oeresund Bridge. It is an incredible experience to sail closely to the windmill farm and be surrounded by 10 tons of rotating metal wings. Occasionally, we get to witness the daily service of the farm with service vessels and personnel climbing up.

Afterwards, we sail to Middelgrunden Offshore Windmill Farm which accommodates 20 turbines. They were the very first windmills built in the Sound and the largest in the world at the time of construction.

Finally, we make a stop at the Trekroner Sea Fortress, where we stretch our legs and enjoy a refreshment at this historical Place. Afterwards we return to Copenhagen at your desired destination.


Choose your tour and finish the booking process in our webshop.

When your order has been processed, we will capture 1500 DKK as a deposit.

We capture all of the money only once you have sailed with us.

Remember to print and fill out the passenger list.

Please note that the tours starts precisely at the selected time.

Meeting time is at least 15 minutes before agreed departure time.

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