Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions that are not listed here, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

Departure and Arrival Points

Should your desired location not be on the map, feel free to contact us.

Booking and Prices

The price and duration of the tour can be influenced by the selected departure and arrival points. That is because the initial price and duration are based upon the distance from our base in Refshaleøen. We must spend additional time and fuel to arrive at your desired departure point, the same goes for returning from the selected arrival point to our base. We chose to add up those costs on top of the basic tour cost to keep the prices of our tours down.

Certain ports, such as Tuborg Havn, charge port dues on mooring. The due is charged to the customer.

Most of our tours can be booked online directly in our webshop. Though, online booking can only be booked with 3 days notice. If you wish to sail “Last Minute” or if you desire a custom tour that is not in our webshop, please contact our office at or +45 2840 6870.

When booking, please state the following:

  1. Date and time
  2. Departure and arrival points
  3. Number of passengers
  4. Any specific wishes for your tour

Before and During Tour

To begin with, we have four basic rules:

During the summer season (1st May to 30th September), we provide all passengers with windbreakers. The rental of thermal suits is possible but must be agreed upon before we depart to the selected departure point via order notes in the checkout process or by directly contacting us by phone or email.

Good Weather: Wear an outdoor jacket which is wind and waterproof, as well as sensible footwear.

Wind and Rain: Bring rainwear as well as sensible footwear.

In heavy rain and strong wind, we can provide safety glasses to all passengers to maintain full visibility as the weather conditions can be troublesome to the eyes.

Long hair should be tied into a ponytail or similar. Remember extra hair bands.

During the winter season (1st October to 30th April), we provide all passengers with thermal survival suits.

Important: Don’t forget to bring your own sweatshirt, hat and gloves.

In heavy rain and strong wind, we can provide safety glasses to all passengers to maintain full visibility as the weather conditions can be troublesome to the eyes.

Long hair should be tied into a ponytail or similar. Remember extra hair bands.

All of our RIBs have been reviewed and approved for passenger transport by the Danish Maritime Authority. Each boat is approved to carry 12 passengers on board. All of our captains are certified to RIB boat sailing and have also undergone our in-house training. All passengers will be dressed in self-inflatable life jackets and provided with safety instruction before boarding the boat. You can find more about this topic on the Safety on board page on our website.

Age is not an obstacle for safe sailing aboard our RIBs. Though, according to the safety regulations, you must be at least 160cm tall and weigh at least 40kg in order to fit our safety equipment on board.

Very obese passengers may be rejected if they are unable to wear compulsory safety equipment.

We expect the participants to be in good physical shape as the sailing (depending on weather conditions) can be equated with the practice of extreme sports. Pregnant women, participants with physical injuries or disabilities cannot participate in high-speed sailing which is part of most of our tours.

Our captains are responsible for the sailing and therefore have the right to reject drunken passengers as well as very obese passengers who are unable to wear compulsory safety equipment.

Only a limited amount of luggage can be brought on board. Pack light, preferably in lightweight sports bags or smaller backpacks. We cannot guarantee 100% dry storage. Electronics, glasses and other loose items bring on your own risk. Loose items may be blown overboard and should, therefore, be packed in a bag or stored in pockets of jackets or the thermal suits we provide.

Normally you do not get wet from the sailing, but since we are at sea, there is always a chance you might. The air always feels colder at sea and the wind can spray some of the seawater over the boat. Therefore, wear practical and windproof clothing and bring light rainwear (mandatory in rainy weather). In winter we provide thermal survival suits (which are also part of the safety equipment) and in summer we provide you with windbreakers.

Mobile phones, cameras and other electronics are carried at your own risk. There is a chance of them getting wet. and CPH Shipping ApS cannot be held responsible for the damages caused during the trip. Leave it on land if necessary.

Beverages may be brought along if agreed upon before boarding the boat. However, they must be carried in plastic bottles or cans. Glass bottles must be left ashore. Beverages must be secured in a suitable bag. Consumption of alcohol on board is prohibited.

All our vessels are approved by the Danish Maritime Authority to carry 12 passengers. Should there be more than 12 participants, we will deploy more vessels at an additional cost.

Water skiing is rather difficult than it seems for an inexperienced eye. Therefore, especially for stag and hen parties, we recommend other easier water sports equipment. That way the bride or groom can join without prior experience and their safety, as well as great amusement, is ensured.

There can be only 8 passengers per boat for water skiing.