Company Trip

Ocean Racing


Our most popular trip – a real adrenaline injection on the high seas. An exciting trip that makes you experience the performance and maneuverability of these RIBs interacting with the nature of the sea. Become blown away in a hair-rising experience with velocities up to and above 65 mph, together with your friends or colleagues.


Windmills are the power source of the future, and to visit offshore windmills is an exciting and magnificent experience – only few people have the power of imagination to picture the close-up look of an offshore windmill. The boat comes to rest directly below the windmills, where we sense their colossal dimensions.
The trip starts at the 48 enormous windmills at Lillegrund south of the Øresund Bridge – it is an unbelievable experience to find oneself surrounded by the rotating ten tonnes turbine blades in the offshore wind farm while watching the service vessel crews doing daily maintenance at close range. Hereafter we visit Middelgrunden with the first 20 vindwills erected in Øresund, and stop by the Trekroner Sea Fortress, where we stretch our legs and enjoy a refreshment. Finally we return to Copenhagen or a destination of your choice. Duration: approx. 2.5 hrs, Can be extended by a canal tour of Copenhagen.



The Tour is the obvious choice for companies who wish to extend a business meeting by presenting the impressive architecture of the Øresund region to guests or customers – an exciting expedition around The Sound. Choose between the Northbound and Southbound Tour.

We depart from Copenhagen and visit the enormous windmills at Middelgrunden that supplies Copenhagen with a considerable share of the power the capital consumes. Hereafter we go to the Øresund Bridge – see from below, it is a very special experience. We go by the Malmö skyline with the landmark Turning Torso – a fabulous building, 623 feet of steel and concrete reaching for the sky. We go around the island of Saltholm and pass the Flakfortet sea fortress.

We depart from Copenhagen and go north towards Hven – a gem of an island in Øresund, with beautiful nature and rugged cliffs like they are seen in the Swedish skärgård. We take a view of the small harbor of Kyrkbacken with the church and the picturesque houses. From here, we go to the city and castle of Elsinore, before we take a look at the string of impressive million dollar mansions in the socalled “whisky belt” along the coast.

Both the Southbound and Northbound Tour end up by a visit to the Trekroner Sea Fortress, where we enjoy a refreshment and take the opportunity to stretch our legs and enjoy the view of Øresund. Finally we return to Copenhagen or a destination of your choice. Duration: approx. 2.5 hrs. Can be extended by a canal tour of Copenhagen


An expedition around Copenhagen – experience the city seen from the water.

This trip can be arranged purely according to your wishes. Copenhagen constantly evolves and new neighbourhoods are created – you might have specific wishes with regards to what you would like to see. Our vessels can navigate all around the Harbor of Copenhagen and can take you to corners of the harbor rarely visited.

A classic trip departs e.g. from Langelinie and takes us behind the district of Holmen, past the Opera, and along the cosy canals of Christianshavn; we take a look at The Black Diamond (The Royal Library) and take a trip around Gammel Strand. The trip, which is enjoyed the best while sipping a glass of chilled white wine, has a duration of one and a half hours. (Please note that due to harbor regulations, this is a slow trip with a speed of approximately 6 knots).

It is possible to arrange alternative routes.




The Trekroner Sea Fortress is the oldest part of the fortification of Copenhagen, dating back to the 18th century. It was meant for protection of the entrance of the port of Copenhagen. Nowadays, it is a popular destination for family excursions. You can visit the old casemates, enjoy your lunch at the cosy café. Or take part in the exciting challenges arranged by in cooperation with the Trekroner Sea Fortress.

The Middelgrunden Sea Fortress is another part of the old fortification of Copenhagen. A couple of hours are easily spent exploring the island with its exciting tunnels and cannon bases; well worth a small expedition. Bring a picnic basket and enjoy it in the open air – the café and restaurant of the Middelgrunden Sea Fortress is currently closed, but we hope it will reopen.

The Flakfortet Sea Fortress is also located in Øresund between Copenhagen and Malmö, and opposed to Middelgrunden, Flakfortet traditionally attracts many recreational boaters. You can bring your own sustenance and use the barbeques that have been set up here.

Hven is an island oasis in the middle of Øresund, approximately 30 minutes from Copenhagen by boat. We moor in the harbor of Kyrkbacken, where it is possible to rent bikes or take a trip on the tractor bus. Bring a picnic basket or visit one of the restaurants of the island.


We take you where you wish to go – we can go to any harbor in the country, and the trip does not necessarily have to end where it started.
Many restaurants are located by the seaside – hence we can take you directly to the doorstep of Little Venice in the Copenhagen North Harbor, KDY in Tuborg Harbor, Nokken in Rungsted, Dragør Strandhotel or Era Ora in Christianshavn. Only your imagination and the shore are the limits.

The confirmation or the birthday party becomes something really special, when the day starts with a quick boat trip. How to top the surprise of being picked up by a really cool vessel and taken directly to one’s final destination? We take you there, if you are going to the cinema at Fisketorvet, the Experimentarium in Tuborg Harbor, to visit Bakken in Dyrehaven or a trip to Tivoli (a five minutes’ walk from Langebro where we set you off). The possibilities are everywhere, and we take you there.

We arrange boat transportation for companies or individuals, business and pleasure. Our prearranged trips range from slow cruises to wild RIB races; feel free to contact us if you have special requests – we always find a solution.

Further to our prearranged trips, we can be chartered for special arrangements such as company picnics, teambuilding and marketing events. We willingly take the vessels for events all over the country. We also assist in planning and idea generation to make your event a perfect one.